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JL Audio Launches New TW1

Aug 21 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in News
This just in from the USA JL Audio press office:

Thin-Line Subwoofer Drivers for Tiny Enclosures
JL Audio, known for pushing the boundaries of bass reproduction in the mobile, marine and home audio markets have begun shipping the all-new TW1 subwoofer driv...


Aug 20 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in News
This in from the London offices of Pioneer:
Pioneer wins two EISA awards for VSX-924 AV-receiver & AVIC-F60DAB navi-media system

Pioneer is proud to announce that both the VSX-924 AV-receiver and the AVIC-F60DAB in-car navigation/media system were awarded by the EISA -the Euro...

Kenwood XR400-4 Four Channel Amplifier

Aug 19 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Amplifiers
Product Details
Manufacturer: Kenwood
Website: http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/products/car/amplifiers/XR400-4/
Typical Selling price: £229.99 on line


Morel Virtus 602 2-Way Component Speakers

Aug 19 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Speakers
Speakers: Morel Virtus 602 2-way components
Manufacturer: Morel
Distributor: Flagship Distribution
Website: http...

Week Thirty-Four – And There’s Tears Upon The F...

Aug 18 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Editorials
As is so often the case, I had no idea what I wanted to write about for my weekly column when I got up this morning. But I have a confession. Reviewing equipment with music is not an exact science. You are flesh (or a mountain of that, plus liberal bass resistant blubber layer) and far from infal...

Morel’s New Ultimo Titanium 10” Subwoofer Wins...

Aug 15 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in News
This just in from the Morel press office:

Morel, a leading manufacturer of high-performance car audio speaker systems, announces that its new Ultimo Titanium 10in subwoofer has won the prestigious EISA 2014-2015 Best Product award. Over the years the Ultimo subw...

International Mini Meet IMM 2014 Install Prize

Aug 11 2014 00:00 | MiniTaz in Shows & Events
Words by Dan ‘minitaz’ Stradling

Every five years the International Mini Meet, or IMM is held in the UK. It is when all the Mini car clubs from everywhere, get together. Fully half of all attendees are from different countries to the hosts’, every year. And they come from all over th...

Week Thirty-Three – And Adam’s Swag Finally Went…

Aug 11 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Editorials
Well, I was a bit huggy feely with a few folks at IMM, so I have no idea exactly whom shared that summer cold with me, but it kinda messed me up for a week. And yes, men DO get it worse…. Today I have actually done some editing and published the tale of the IMM seen from the point of view of the...


Aug 07 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General
Today, I went to JVC for a meeting with product management and marketing executives. I discovered to my undying DELIGHT, that the video I made with Adam of JVC is doing better for hits, than the plain vanilla-but-professional one the Americans made! This is about Adam looking a tiny bit amused ‘a...

How NOT To Get Stuff Reviewed

Aug 05 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in News
I have an interest in tough phones and rugged cases like the Griffin Survivor. I also work for two fishing magazines now, one mostly coarse and one just marine, for whom I will be checking out hardcore tech and audio as part of whole boat reviews. Did you SEE the JL Audio marine kit in the CES vi...